Spicy Tips for a Mild sex life

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Whether you are raunchy, very romantic, or the type to oil it up to get the mood going, being sexy for the one you love makes the passion you have for them grow especially in the bedroom. You can keep the lights on or watch your reflection from the flicker of the candle light, but this is a story you won’t be able to keep your hands off of.

As girlfriend and mother of three there is always time being divided between your man and your kids, and let’s throw some dirty laundry and preparing the meals in the mix as well. You have to learn to be creative and I am here to put a little twist on helping my busy body moms on how to keep it wet not only in the sink but also in the sheets. 

So, let’s dip into those tips: 

The kids are yelling, toys all over the floor, and your man is just walking in from work. I advise you to just focus on him, turn the TV on for the kids and proceed to guide him into the bedroom for some privacy sex that only you and him can indulge in. Don’t feel like a horrible mommy either because you slipped off to get a quickie as they call them, it’s the spare of the moment sex that is surprisingly the best.

Set the mood before he gets home. In this case scenario, the kids should be in bed so you and your man can have some downtime. Lingerie, aroma scented candles dance through the walkway as it guides his steps on a trail of rose petals. If you are the type to blow his top off as soon as he sets his eyes on you, oral sex is a good way to get him up and going to get the mood started. Taking that  control is the most powerful thing you could do at this moment because you own all of his pleasure.


Try different positions, licks, and tricks. The same ole’ routine sex will dull out your sex life. You can never go wrong with something new right? I would suggest keeping some fresh fruit chilled in the fridge. You can even add some ice and whipped cream to the list. Keep it sweet for him, and don’t let stepping outside the box turn you into a sour apple. Instead of having him on top  guide your legs across his lap and straddle his shaft as you rock back forth watching him enjoy the ride. Your man will appreciate the flexibility you show twisting things up a bit.

Express your wildest fantasies to him, change up your hair, and pick out a skirt instead or your usual blue jeans. Our freaky and sexiest nature comes from the imagination of being someone else for our man.

Entice him through your text thread. Send him messages that tell him  you aren’t wearing  any panties, and how your body is feening for him. Flirting with each other shows that as your relationship matures you can still come up with a fun and creative way to indulge with your partner mentally and of course physically.

If this is who you plan on being with on a long-term basis, you don’t have to refrain from enacting your sexual pleasures with each other. Talk about them with your man and try them with him or on him which ever you prefer. Send him sexy pictures in the middle of the day and tease him into wanting you more as soon as he makes it home. Massage his body,  and allow that relaxing feeling to seep into his muscles with every stroke you give with your hands.

That sexual attraction should always stay burning between the two of you. You can’t possibly keep it hot with your partner if you don’t build a sexual attraction. Don’t let the idea of being erotic for your man shy you away from him. Intimacy feels so much better when you’re engaging in it with someone you love passionately. It can even be the way you both can reenergize each other emotionally and physically. 

So go ahead and throw that warm box on him girl, but just don’t forget to close the door.







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